What is Down and Dirty Teaching?

This is our first post, and we’re not expert bloggers. We are expert teachers. Check out our workshops here.

Down and Dirty Teaching has been in the works since spring 2020.

You remember, when the world shut down? Diane and Kathryn connected and started organizing ideas for this project. We wanted to:

  • Support auxiliares with teaching workshops to help you be better prepared for working in Spanish schools
  • Provide materials for auxiliares to utilize in the classroom

Let’s face it, most auxiliares didn’t study to be teachers.

Lucky for you, Diane and Kathryn are both qualified teachers with a combined 25+ years of classroom experience.

Diane knows the ins and outs of schools, from administration to classroom details, and Kathryn has helped new teachers achieve big goals for more than five years. We’ve both taught everyone from little kiddos to grumpy teens and beyond.

Learn more about us here.

When it comes to teaching, we’ve got your back.

We’ve been planning a series of workshops to support you throughout the year. We’re ready to help you:

  • Turn a boring textbook activity into something fun
  • Share your culture and language in an engaging way that supports student learning
  • Prepare no-tech and no-prep lessons that you can pull out on short notice
  • Teach with fun activities that students love

Ready to get started?

Sign up for our next workshop here!

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